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Nyima Tsering’s Tears

By Tsering Woeser | December 22, 2017 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

This was the first time he had seen so many exiled Tibetans of his own flesh and blood in a foreign land. Though they were only a few feet away, it was as if they were separated by ranges of mountains.

Another Kind of Death

By Lillian Kalish | January 28, 2016 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

It was just the right and wrong moment to leave, to go to China, to live in a country where the weight of blackness might not hinder your breathing. And yet, there were things you were afraid of losing.

Spiritual Suicide in Pema Tseden’s Contemporary Tibet

By Tingting Wei | November 14, 2012 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

The director’s slow-moving films about Tibetan life may feel like documentaries, but according to him, they aren’t.

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