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When You Turn Into Silence: Three Poems By E.J. Koh

By E. J. Koh | February 28, 2017 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

The sun sieves through the canopy— / rivers are relenting. My soul seats itself // for the first time. Where it is quiet, it becomes cold. / There is nothing I must do but die— // what joy to let go of all things—what ease to give up.

“Nautical Shrouds”

By Vi Khi Nao | January 24, 2017 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

‘I roam. Sometimes in solitude; sometimes in a crowd. But unlike a dog, I do not die a little each day, subdued to the loyalty of my master. I die all at once if it must be.’

Where We Live Now Was Once Mourned

By Chang-rae Lee | February 13, 2014 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

An excerpt from Chang-rae Lee’s On Such A Full Sea

Two Poems by R.A. Villanueva

By R.A. Villanueva | November 20, 2013 | Asian American Writers' Workshop

The rivers / and trenches glossed with light / know we are so relentless as to plan / for catastrophe

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