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참아주세요 | Bear With Me Please

Inside the rice bowl are a few /
unshatterable stones 

By Kim Hyesoon
Translated from Korean by Cindy Juyoung Ok
Poetry | Poetry Tuesday, poetry, translation
November 1, 2022


몸속으로 풍덩
두레박을 넣어 물을 길어 올리겠어요
그물로 쌀을 씻어
맛있는 저녁 식사를 지어 올리겠어요

살을 풀고 피를 섞어
쫄깃한 잡채도 버무리겠어요
참다 못해 깊은 산이 샘물을 터뜨리듯
솟아나는 눈물을 받아서
생수 한 잔 곁들이겠어요
피어오르는 숨결로
저녁 식탁의 따뜻함을

그러니 참아주세요
밥주발 속에 깨지지 않는
돌 몇 개쯤 들어 있다고
화내지 말아주세요
설사 그 돌이 내 진의(眞意)라
너그러이 참고 제발 삼켜만 주세요

Bear With Me Please 

Plopped into my body
the well bucket draws water 
With that water I’ll wash the rice 
I’ll serve a delicious dinner 

I’ll loosen the flesh, mix the blood
to toss the chewy japchae too 
As the deep mountain that could no longer bear it bursts into spring water
I’ll receive the welling tears and
serve the glass of mountain water 
With a blooming breath
the warmth of the dinner table
I will decorate for you 

So bear with me please 
Inside the rice bowl are a few 
unshatterable stones so 
please don’t get angry
Even if you think
that stone is my true will 
I beg you to bear it generously, just swallow please