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AAWW TV: Marriage, Plotted

Danzy Senna and Katie Kitamura take on marriage and use it to hold a mirror to our turbulent emotional realities in their new novels.

Video | AAWW TV, Danzy Senna, Katie Kitamura
October 5, 2017

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One marriage is ending, and another is imminent. For the female protagonists of Danzy Senna’s New People and Katie Kitamura’s A Separation, marriage is a mark of achievement, a psychological bender, a private investigation, and a bracingly intimate way to hold a mirror to our turbulent emotional realities. New People—an unsparing comedy of manners and racial authenticity set in ‘90s-era faux-bohemia Brooklyn—and A Separation—a taut emotional thriller that has earned comparisons to both Gone Girl and Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels are two of the most acclaimed books of fiction published this year. Come join us to see the authors in conversation, moderated by AAWW’s Programs Coordinator Sophia Hussain.

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