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Join us for a night featuring writers of fragmented, hybrid family narratives that explore themes of immigration, grief, and the father: Q.M. Zhang and lê th? di?m thúy, who’ll talk with the New Yorker’s Hua Hsu. A hybrid memoir/novel that’s part espionage, part historical documentary, Q.M. Zhang’s Accomplice to Memory tells the story of her father’s mysterious exodus from China during the country’s Civil War and WWII: all the silence and love that you’ve come to know from your Asian immigrant family, but with added subterfuge and geopolitics. We also have a rare AAWW appearance of Guggenheim Fellow lê th? di?m thúy, whose The Gangster We Are All Looking Fora recent Asian American classictells the collage-like semi-autobiographical story of a refugee family that immigrates to San Diego, leaving behind a stark past of war and liberation in Vietnam.


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