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AAWW TV: Muslim Cool

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Zain Alam, Yunique A. Saafir, and Muna Mire investigate the ways young Muslims fight state power.


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Watch for a special night investigating how young Muslim Americans resist empire through hip hop and other musical subcultures. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer calls it “Muslim Cool”—her term for how young Muslims in the United States fight state power by engaging with Black identity, particularly through fashion and music. In a time when Black Muslims face both Islamophobia and anti-blackness, her work represents a vital intervention. Zain Alam, the lead singer of the band Humeysha, loops samples of North Indian soundscapes with lyrics that shift between English, Hindi, and Urdu to imagine a new Muslim sonic culture, inspired equally by My Bloody Valentine and J Dilla. Visual artist Yunique A. Saafir, who was featured in the Queer Muslim Photo Project, will present a life narrative about coming into her faith. They’ll speak with the Canadian Somali writer Muna Mire, a contributor to The New Inquiry, Vice, and The New York Times Magazine.

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