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AAWW TV: Poetry & Politics

Poets Monica Sok, Aimee Suzara, and David Mura explore their political landscapes through poems on the Khmer Rouge, the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, family, and antiblackness.


On AAWW TV, our new YouTube channel, you can relive the magic of live events at our space in the Flatiron, check out in-depth interviews with writers, and more. Every Thursday we’ll be sharing a new segment from AAWW TV on The Margins.


Catch our three-part Poetry & Politics series featuring Monica Sok, Aimee Suzara, and David Mura to investigate violences of the twentieth century and their reverberations. Newly appointed Stadler fellow and author of acclaimed poetry chapbook Year Zero, Monica Sok opens the series with “I Am Rachana,” a painful reassembling of a married couple during the four-year regime of the Khmer Rouge. Playwright and performer Aimee Suzara follows with a reading from a poetry book that talks back to stifling and removing of histories, Souvenir. Suzara’s poem “Objects & Artifacts” encounters ghosts of “living exhibitions” of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, indigenous Filipino peoples put on display. Close the series with third-generation Japanese American memoirist and poet David Mura’s “Poem for Abdi” in which Mura revisits dynamics of family tragedy, recollecting the memories and murder of a young Somali American boy and family friend Abdi.





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