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AAWW TV: Robot Coda

Margaret Rhee, Ching-In Chen, Seo-Young Chu and Mimi Mondal explore the intersections of love, race, and technology in their writing.


Through our YouTube channel, AAWW TV, you can relive the magic of live events at our space in Chelsea, check out in-depth interviews with writers, and more. Every Thursday we’ll be sharing a new segment from AAWW TV on The Margins.

Join us for a reading with four writers who explore the relationship between race and technology. Margaret Rhee reads from LOVE, ROBOT, a collection of love poetry examining the bonds between humans and robots. Poet and community organizer Ching-In Chen reads from recombinant, an assemblage of poetry and data that investigates female and genderqueer lineages, Hugo Award-nominee Mimi Mondal reads from her upcoming novelette and discusses gender expression in South Asian science fiction/fantasy, and Seo-Young Chu reads from her theoretical work on science fiction and how it offers high-intensity realism. Don’t miss this event that uses a variety of forms to explore humans’ relationship with robots, technology, and ourselves. Moderated by Vyshali Manivannan.

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