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Arena, Performer

“I’m beautiful all the time. Twenty-four hours!”

Where are you from?

How long have you lived in Jackson Heights?
Just three months. Before this, I was in Indiana.

How do you like Jackson Heights compared to Indiana?
Oh, this place is very nice. I love New York.

How do you describe yourself?

Was it difficult being transgendered in Indiana?
Very difficult. New York is different. In Jackson Heights, it’s a good community. Queens Pride was lovely.

Is your family supportive?
I haven’t seen my family in eight years. It’s difficult for them to accept me. In Honduras, especially, oh, it is very difficult! There are people who kill gay people.

Do you always look so beautiful or are you looking special today?
I think I’m beautiful all the time. Twenty-four hours!

What’s your job?
I don’t have one, but I’m looking. Sometimes, I have shows at Revolution Club and Music Bar.

Do you have any special beauty tricks?
No, special tricks. I think I’m beautiful and so I’m beautiful!