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today i woke up & was a city of severed limbs. eyelashes stained shut from salt residue as if to resist [         ]. my stomach shrieks, her screams muffled by acid, & she is a [         ]. white cells crowd the architecture of my veins & become settlement turned [         ] & i belong

nowhere. when i open my mouth, a severed tongue falls out & that is [         ]. yesterday i swallowed a crystalline liquid, a white witch’s tears, a friend joked & i became a pantomime of myself – existence defined through [         ]. the way i am most at home when outside

myself. today, a needle pierces the bridge of my nose, my skin bubbles & retreats from the puncture the way one escapes a burning country & that is a [         ] & when i clean the wound i lose more cells to [         ], hence extermination defined through self-defense; the same way piercings migrate when exposed to external trauma & that is a [         ] but i promised, this wouldn’t be a poem about my body. or Palestinian [         ] but it is always

both. i contour my face with sand & it is war paint on the wrong body. i puncture my nostril with steel & that is a war crime on the wrong body. a hamsa dangles from my earlobe & the room empties itself of white bodies & i am always the wrong body

here. is this what they mean by mediterranean witchcraft? the way i reclaim this skin home that was never mine – & that is the perfect [         ]. the way gender makes my body Queer [         ] – isn’t this the slowest form of genocide? i have so many bodies in me; if you look close enough,

you could almost mistake me for a massacre.

George Abraham is a Palestinian-American poet attending Swarthmore College. He was a recipient of the Favianna Rodriguez Award for Artistic Activism, Ghassan Kanafani Palestinian Literature Scholarship, and Brooklyn Poets Fellowship. He is currently on staff for Muzzle Magazine. He has poetry published or forthcoming in Diode, Thrush, Emerge Literary Journal, Assaracus, Sukoon, and the Ghassan Kanafani Anthology of Palestinian Literature. He hopes to continue bringing awareness to Palestinian human rights and socio-economic struggles through art. More can be found at his artist website.

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