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from The Cumulus Effect

And if there was no country (the last sentence only, when he is kneeling
at her chest) there would be no memory, neither an others or one’s own.

How quick then, the mouth. And they were a solemn people: naming
the world, mapping it out, arguing about what it meant. Clandestine as

husbands, lamp-crash in the blood. So much to forget still. Wasn’t there
dawn-light already? Kissing sounds on the back of a hand, river smell.

How swift the city, how hot the globe.

Press your ear against the shoreline, my restless,
and let us love warily, remembering nothing.

Excerpt from the poem “The Cumulus Effect” is from THE CUMULUS EFFECT (c) 2015 by J. Mae Barizo. Appears with permission of Four Way Books. All rights reserved.

J. Mae Barizo is the author of The Cumulus Effect (Four Way Books, 2015). Recent work can be found in AGNI, Los Angeles Review of Books and em>Boston Review. She lives in New York City.

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