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Foodways as Pathways

Fifteen pieces on food, home, and love

This list is part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Margins, which highlights portions of the magazine’s archive organized around a theme.

Food is the first way we learn love. We seek the tastes that bring us home. Palms full of rice, a mango sliced crosshatch, fingers to lips, the ripest persimmon, the pungent salt of fish sauce. Cooking is muscle memory. We make the tastes that bring us home. A bubbling pot, without a recipe, only history, trying and trying again. A shared meal is the purest intimacy. We share the tastes that bring us home.  We share the tastes that nourish our bond with our community in a land far away from home.

We invite you to taste the last ten years of food writing on The Margins, immortalized as essays, poems, and fiction.

Read the full list below.

Pieces from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Nimboo Paani: Spiced Limeade
    by Humera Afridi (2012)

  2. Turkey Pho Sunday
    by Phu Diep (2013)

  3. The Roast Duck Bureaucracy
    by Evelyn Chao (2014)

  4. To Eat, Drink, and Gyaff
    by Nadia Misir (2015)

  5. Cha Time at Home
    by Sonny Singh (2016)

  6. Fish Paste
    by Nay Saysourinho (2018)

  7. Baklava That Tastes Like Home
    by Maryam Mir (2019)

  8. The Absence of Atta and the Dearth of Dal
    by Astha Rajvanshi (2019)

  9. Food, Fingers, and What (Not) to Touch
    by Carmen Nge, Joseph Gonzales, and Natasha Krishnan (2019)

  10. If You Don’t Want to Try This at Home
    by Hannah Bae (2020)

  11. Dirty Kitchen
    by Jill Damatac (2020)

  12. Self-Portrait as Love and Its Offering
    by Meher Manda (2021)

  13. Fish Sauce: A Recipe
    by Ryan Nhu (2022)

  14. Lechón
    by Stephanie Simpson (2022)

  15. Spice Story: The Hunt in New York City
    by Teresa Mathew (2022)