Did you take my mother’s hand or ghost
the altar in her bedroom first? Was the ghost

your first child or your only? Had you left
something behind when she lost or did a ghost

replace the death? How do you spell my name?
What do I look like in the winter does it ghost-

shake your heart how much I seem shedding of
brown & then, remember who gave me. I asked

[ ] ghost
My name has 2 J’s in English and no sound
for my father. Do you think he run all day so to look a ghost?


Hajjar Baban is a Pakistan-born Afghan Kurdish poet studying Creative Writing, Arabic, and Persian at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Her work can be found in The Offing, Radius, New Delta Review, and Foundry, among others. She is a recent Best of the Net and Best New Poets nominee. She spends most of her time avoiding running from herself.

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