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Outside the Margins: A Weekly Link Roundup

Tasty Chinese-Mexican food, Zayn’s post-One Direction plans, review of The Sympathizer, and more.

By AAWW Staff

Asian Americans are in the spotlight: Soo Joo Park as the new L’Oreal spokesperson, Michelle Phan launching a new video network and Mulan being remade as a live-action film. Trouble is brewing for Boston’s Chinatown, Koreans in the Bronx and an encounter at Starbucks. All this and more in the Margins’ weekly roundup.

A fusion food you can only find at the border: Chinese-Mexican cuisine. —KQED News

VICE talks to the Cambodian American population living in the Bronx on the Khmer Rouge genocide. —VICE

Review of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer. Nguyen will be visiting the AAWW to discuss his poignant debut.The New York Times Book Review 

Like many other enclaves across the nation, Boston’s Chinatown is in danger of being eradicated by surrounding construction.The Boston Globe

More proof that casually discussing race is easier said than done comes this awkward experience by a customer during a visit to Starbuck’s roastery. —Seattle Eater

Facing a shrinking population, aging Korean immigrants in the Bronx build a community through a senior center.The New York Times 

Michelle Phan, who built a career through beauty tip YouTube videos, just launched her online video network, ICON. —NBC News

Mulan is the latest film to receive the live-action treatment. The word is still out on who is going to be cast, but fingers crossed for Constance Wu as Mulan. —The Hollywood Reporter

L’Oreal gets their first Asian American spokesperson, model Soo Joo Park will be representing the brand. Paste Magazine

One Direction is now two direction. It looks like Zayn Malik is already hitting the studio making new solo music. —BuzzFeed

This week’s roundup was compiled by Alex Wen, an engineer-turned-writer interning at the AAWW. He still wants to solve the world’s puzzles, just with a pen instead of a wrench.