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Outside the Margins: A Weekly Link Roundup

Obama on emojis, Pacquiao v. Mayweather, protests on the Japanese Prime Minister, and more.

Pacquiao and Mayweather is not the only fight on the horizon, New Yorkers are split on serving balut, the Filipino snack.  Learn more about Brandon Sun, Una Aya, and Michi Ilona Osato. Obama gives a shout out to Japanese youth culture and the AAWW gives a shout out to Obama. All that and more.

A Fil-Am perspective on the petition against balut in New York; the fight for a a Filipino snack or much more? — Rappler

It’s the fight of the century! Pacquiao v. Mayweather is finally happening.The Guardian

Obama thanks Japan for karate, karaoke and emojis. :^) — Politico

Una Aya and Michi Ilona Osato are sisters, performers, writers and educators who utilize burlesque to explore their identities as queer women of color. — Huffington Post

Address by Japanese Prime Minister met with student protest.The Harvard Crimson 

Check out Wing Luke Museum’s exhibit, Belonging: Before and After the Immigration Act of 1965. — Wing Luke Museum

Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim and Jason Wu are all well-known faces in the fashion world, but there’s also Brandon Sun! Forbes

R.I.P. to Francis Tsai, who illustrated the story “Taking Back Troy” in the first Secret Identities volume. — The Nerds of Color

Student politician in Montreal shares her experience of racism and sexism during her term. — National Post

A look at Ansel Adams’ photographs of Japanese American internment. — SF Gate

Our favorite ex-One Direction member makes his first public appearance since leaving the group. — People

This week’s roundup was compiled by Alex Wen, an engineer-turned-writer interning at the AAWW. He still wants to solve the world’s puzzles, just with a pen instead of a wrench.