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Outside the Margins: A Weekly Link Roundup

TV as a battleground for diversity, JiHAE’s newest video, the lack of AA tech execs, and more.

By AAWW Staff

ABC continues to lead in diversity points, renewing Fresh Off the Boat for a second season and picking up Dr. Ken. While AAWW frequenters should know most of these authors, Buzzfeed might have named a few AA writers that have slipped your mind. Quartz explores why Indian Americans are not using their hands to eat food as much. Noisey sits down with Oliver Wang to discuss his latest book on the Filipino mobile DJ scene. All that and more.

Agent Carter has been getting steady praise for finally having a female lead protagonist on a Marvel project, but it comes with collateral damage. — Racialicious

Fresh Off the Boat is back for another season! — Angry Asian Man

Between all the great diverse shows being picked up for next season, we lose one. The Mindy Project has been cancelled by Fox. — Entertainment Weekly

JiHAE, Seoul-born artist currently based in NYC, delivers a fiery music video for her song, “It Just Feels”. — NPR

Need a crash course on Asian American writers to check out? Buzzfeed has 32, many of them familiar faces with the workshop! — Buzzfeed

There are tons of superhero TV shows, but few are as good as Netflix-exclusive Daredevil. Unfortunately, this doesn’t save it from throwing Asians under the bus. — The Nerds of Color

Asian American tech workers are underrepresented in executive positions. The “bamboo ceiling” continues to prevail. — San Jose Mercury News

Food has traditionally been the most accessible of cultural hallmarks. What happens when Western eating habits clash with Indian food? — Quartz

Interview with Oliver Wang exploring how the mobile DJ scene gave a voice to the unheard Filipino youth. — Noisey

The Last Millennial In The Garment District: Refinery29 delves into the world of Joann Kim — Refinery29

This week’s roundup was compiled by Alex Wen, an engineer-turned-writer interning at the AAWW. He still wants to solve the world’s puzzles, just with a pen instead of a wrench.