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Ode to Country Dips

We watch heat lightning clamor against clouds

Poetry | Poetry Tuesday, poetry
April 5, 2022

It starts with a fat J & a playlist / a car full & all the windows down / Take a right on Military Pike / where the traffic lights & rules start to disappear / The roads narrow & undulate & all our stomachs flip / while we breathe smoke like teenage dragons / who love Missy Elliott & Peaches / Daryl drives 80 & the trees blur / Caity makes us stop & smell the country air / says, hear that? about the cicadas whirring / We watch heat lightning clamor against clouds / We pass tobacco barns / printed black & grey on color film / The horse fences are music staffs / guiding us to a crescendo / There’s a road called Frogtown Lane / & in the dark we swing a sharp left / The hedges grow around us until a clearing / The bodies of rusted old cars & school buses / the ghosts of girls once on dips before us / red-eyed & smoke full & lungs blaring lyrics / We reverse to escape & find ourselves / giddy with relief / & in the stories / we come off braver & bolder / than we appeared