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Party with DREAMer Julio Salgado at our Launch Celebration

A round-up of articles, interviews and videos featuring Salgado, who was recently among the first undocumented immigrants to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine. The artist and activist will be screenprinting at AAWW’s launch party tonight.

By AAWW Staff

Julio Salgado, the 28-year-old undocu-queer artist and DREAM Act movement leader, appeared on the front cover of TIME Magazine last week with other fellow undocumented immigrants. Mexican-born Salgado channels his doubly “outed” identity as both gay and undocumented into art that is redefining the immigrant experience. We’re ecstatic that Salgado’s activism is getting mass media exposure. But we also encourage you to learn more at our sister publication CultureStrike—with which Salgado himself is involved. Here’s a roundup of Salgado and DREAM Act-related news from CultureStrike and elsewhere. Get informed and strike up a conversation with Salgado tonight at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s launch party, which he’ll be attending.

  • Salgado, a self-taught artist, publicizes most of his artwork on his Tumblr, entitled “I Exist,” and his personal Facebook page. [Tumblr and Facebook]
  • Salgado discusses the challenge of “coming out twice” as queer and undocumented in this video interview. [CultureStrike via YouTube]
  • Salgado satirizes an offensive American Apparel ad in his recent Undocumented Apparel poster series. “What exactly is it that American Apparel is trying to say here?” he wonders. “Were they just doing this to get on the undocumented wagon?” [ColorLines]
  • Favianna Rodriguez reports from the Show Me Your Papers class at Stanford University, a program co-taught by Salgado about making art posters for change. [CultureStrike]
  • White people don’t have a monopoly on the word “awkward” anymore. Salgado’s video series “Undocumented and Awkward” covers the uncomfortable, real-life experiences of undocumented youth. [CultureStrike via Dreamers Adrift]
  • Jose Antonio Vargas’ TIME cover story “Not Legal, Not Leaving” is available online for the magazine’s subscribers. [TIME Magazine]
  • “Was it a DREAM fulfilled, or nothing more than a dream?” A cautious analysis of Obama’s pledge not to deport several hundred thousand undocumented youth. [CultureStrike]
  • Salgado’s bittersweet take on Obama’s move: “I also think about the many DREAMers and parents who are past the age of 30 and have been working on this for the past ten years and will not benefit from it.” [CultureStrike]
  • San Jose-based poet Yosimar Reyes talks with Salgado in this episode of Queer Conversations. Reyes: “We’re kind of the same: representing the queer brown folk who are doing amazing work and are hella cute.” [SV De-Bug]
  • Sign a petition to show support for Salgado and the other “eleven million stories that need to be told.” [CultureStrike]

Come and screenprint with activist and artist Salgado at tonight’s launch party.