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Pitch and Frequency


having had no empire for the pitch
having had no colonies for the frequency
having had no eggs for the pitch
giving sperm for the frequency
giving spirit to the pitch
loaning mind is the frequency
glut – glut – moving into the future
we left – her – so far – behind

My shadow turned to rust
…dust at the first strong wind
… the lungs of others
…hard to breathe
…to follow me

No one to lick out your lungs?
– sweep out the curious orange flakes?
Let me look in my kit

In my field
… cotton flower

The field – white fire


A woman needs a needle
” ” sews the path onto the forest
” ” ” the pine trees into the floor
” ” her hands are closed with pinesap
Green needles in her black hair
A set of needles to sew the future
To pin herself to her future
If you come too close keep your skin under something thick
Or metal
A bent needle
Plays no music
The sound of the end of things that kiss the ground
Like there’s no tomorrow
” ” ” today
Like this is the last tyger
Stalking your dream
From one dreamer
To the next
Don’t die with the tyger trapped in your dream
The dreams of others the poorer
Tyger “
No tail to whisk all this baleful rust
” ”
Behind us

Sun Yung Shin ? ? ? is the editor of the new anthology A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota (Minnesota Historical Society Press, April 2016). She is also author of the forthcoming book Unbearable Splendor (Coffee House Press, October 2016) as well as poetry collections Rough, and Savage and Skirt Full of Black (also Coffee House Press). She is a co-editor of the anthology Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption and the author of bilingual Korean/English illustrated fiction book for children, Cooper’s Lesson (Lee & Low Books). She lives in Minneapolis.

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