the sweet, rich scent, / the cream and white of the magnolia blossom

I want — Evanescence — slowly. After great pain.

Two scholars exchange letters on poetry and climate

A handful of lessons on saving the world

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Glacier” and “Good Fossil Fuels”

How has climate change changed the way we write poetry?

ただ空気が得体の知れぬ巨大な獸の吐息のようにねっとりと重たかった。| Only the air was heavy and moist, like the breath of an enormous, mysterious beast.

It is a wonder that anything was left of the road.

Is it unfair to ask you to hope?

Every nonhuman living thing is held captive by our actions.

Katrina Bello’s exquisite drawings of the vast and the miniscule in nature

How we perceive and write about climate change

Poems, correspondence, essays, and reportage on how we perceive and write about climate change

Elsewhere, a new history / Of touch, not pitted against the land.

Hindi na ibinalik / ng mga dayo ang kinuhang / lupain | The settlers never returned / the land they grabbed

from “A Journey to the West”

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