An interview with Ali El-Chaer

A flash folio edited by Yi Wei

Sometimes, she was just so hard to reason with.

Even now you can feel her, flickering. 

I’ve been reading up on comfort and chaos. I like missing you.

Haunting a house isn’t as easy as you might think.

I need memory to be boundless, then. More infinite than.

The most important love we have will always be for ourselves and our lives. It is only from this lodestar, our own definition and practice of love, that we can turn love back out into the world and towards our people.

It isn’t like her to chase what’s unattainable.

How many times she must have labored to make you stop crying, and how many times she held you, acknowledging your pain as you cried.

This is my friend, the K-pop star.

We’d video-game or anime-binge or dream aloud about a future as bright as our childhoods.

“A Beautiful Relationship” and “The Price of Freedom”

Our sonorous, sorrowful Korean.

This was the way of a country.

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