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sight It can sometimes feel like we know certain iconic figures, just because their images are so familiar to us. What goes into the construction of these images? In her thoughtful, provocative meditation on the ways in which Chairman Mao is portrayed, Faye Yan Zhang looks at the process by which an icon is created—and how, once established, the image can be appropriated and deconstructed.




Portraits of Mao
by Faye Yan Zhang


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Faye Yan Zhang is a visual artist, documentary filmmaker, and writer. She was born in a Chinese steel-working town, raised in the American Midwest, and schooled in Boston, Massachusetts. She currently resides in Washington, D.C., a land of political activism and occasional government shutdowns. Her work uses graphic novels, documentary media, and nonfiction writing to investigate political issues and peoples' stories in China and the United States. Her work can be seen at:

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