Abdurehim Ötkür

Abdurehim Ötkür (1923–1995) was an author, translator, and poet. He is widely considered to be the father of modern Uyghur poetry. He was arrested in 1943 and detained as a political prisoner for two years for his support of the Three Districts Revolution. From 1949, he was placed under strict surveillance and was in and out of prison. He was restricted from writing for decades until the early 80s. From 1979 to his death, Ötkür worked as a scholar and administrator in the Institute of Literature Studies at the Academy of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Xinjiang.

Among his works are the poetry collections Qeshqer Kéchisi (Xinjiang People’s Press, 1980) and Ömür Menzilliri (Xinjiang Youths Press, 1985), and the novel Iz (Xinjiang People’s Press, 1985).