Abdurrahim Imin (Parach)

Abdurrahim Imin (Parach) was born in 1974 in Kashgar Province, East Turkistan. He studied at the Faculty of Politics and History, Kashgar University. He was among the group of Uyghur students arrested and charged with so-called “ethnic separatism, disintegration” and sentenced to three years in prison without any legal procedures in 1997. Afterwards, he and his family were targeted by Chinese police. In 2013, he managed to escape to Turkey, leaving behind his family.

Parach’s literary career began in 1993 when Tarim Ghunchili magazine published his poem, “Advice.” He subsequently published other poems in many newspapers and magazines. In 2001, because of threats from Chinese police, he completely abandoned literary creation and was forced to destroy nearly two thousand poems and other works of various genres in his possession. After arriving in Turkey in 2013, he started writing again.