Chen Bo-ching 陳栢青

Chen Bo-ching 陳栢青 is a novelist. Born in 1983, he holds a Masters degree in Taiwanese Literature at National Taiwan University. He is recognized by local media as one of the most promising novelists under 40 in Taiwan. In his novels Connected Screams and A Small City, and in his essay collection Mr. Adult, he subverts mainstream values by turning to subcultures. As a gay man who spent his teen years in the 1990s, he is known for his sarcastic but profoundly sad writing style. He imagines himself as a performer on stage who doesn’t know when the show has started and when the curtain is down. 

小說家。1983年出生。台灣大學台灣文學研究所碩士畢業。獲台灣《聯合文學》雜誌譽為「台灣四十歲以下最值得期待的小說家」。出版有長篇小說《尖叫連線》、《小城市》,散文集《Mr. Adult 大人先生》。鎔鑄類型如科幻、恐怖於正典文學中,擅長以次文化顛覆與消解主流文化,以破壞為建設,作為生長於九零年代的台灣同志,筆下題材腥羶色,內核越是純情。語言是譏嘲的帶刺的,骨子裡總是哀傷的。與其說寫作像是一場表演,不如說他追求的效果是,不知道哪時候是演出,哪時已經卸妝了。