Hikaru Lee 李屏瑤

Hikaru Lee 李屏瑤 is a writer and cat lover born in 1984. Her publications include Phototropism, a novel; Sleepless, a play; and A Taipei Family, a Girl Undocumented, an essay collection. Her collection of interviews of LGBT people in 100 professions was shortlisted for the prestigious Taipei Literary Grant. The Japanese translation of Phototropism is forthcoming in 2022. 

Hikaru is currently the chairperson of the LGBTQ+ NPO Taiwan Equality Campaign, equallove.tw. An activist by day and a writer by night, Hikaru is trying to spend more time at her desk rather than in the street. Having read a widely published suicide note by two high school girls who died decades ago, confessing it was too difficult to survive in normative society, Hikaru has decided that an alternative to the two girls’ message is to change heteronormative society if it is not compatible with us. 

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臉書: https://www.facebook.com/HikaruPhototropism

Instagram: hikarukaru