Jade Huang 黃岡

Jade Huang 黃岡 (She/They) is a writer and doctoral student in Chinese and Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research is on bio-politics, the post-Cold-War world, and totalitarianism in any form in the post-pandemic era. Her creative writings concern gender identities, ethnic minorities, travel, and the aesthetics of ruins. She received the Lin Rong San Literary Award, China Times Literary Award, Yeh Hong Award for Female Poets, Yang Mu Literary Award, and was shortlisted for the Taiwan Literature Award for poetry. She published a poem collection Who Cut the Tribe in Half? and is a co-editor of Under the Same Roof: A Poetry Anthology for LGBT. She was a writer in residence at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2015. A gourmet, she enjoys cooking. She dreams of raising a horse and continuing to write.

Jade Huang 黃岡 (She/ They) 寫作者,聖路易斯華盛頓大學中文與比較文學系博士生。研究關注bio-politics、後冷戰以及後疫情時代任何形式的極權主義生成。文學創作主題包含性別認同,少數族裔,旅行以及廢墟美學。曾獲林榮三文學獎、時報文學獎、葉紅女性詩獎、楊牧文學獎,以及台灣文學金典獎-新詩獎提名。著有《是誰把部落切成兩半?》 (Who Cut the Tribe in Half?) 詩集、編輯《同在一個屋簷下 同志詩選》 (Under the Same Roof: A Poetry Anthology for LGBT),2015年聖塔菲藝術學院駐村作家。喜歡美食與烹飪,夢想是養一匹馬和一直創作下去。