Miaozi Hello friends! 🌹I didn’t have a dollar when I became pregnant in 2019: 😭An art institution gave me 7000 yuan. I rented the most luxurious stage in Guangzhou for a wedding with all my friends and made 10000 yuan from red envelopes. Some people said that the money can be used to buy a place! 😊The money I earn from wandering around is the small amount of money I use to raise my child. I am a farmer with no education. I don’t want to buy a house. I don’t want to save it in the bank! 😭Because if 10,000 yuan is stored in the bank, there is only 3 yuan in interest per year! 😭 I spent 10,000 yuan happily for a year 💗After 1 year, the money was gone. We rural women formed a production team to survive with sewing machines to accept small orders and customization services. Now my second-hand clothing repair service can earn 5 yuan a day! 💗😭 Some people say that money in the bank has interest! It took 2 months to finish 💗Selling 22,000 yuan 💗😭More than depositing interest in the bank💗😭Dear friends, do you have any suggestions? 💗😭My hometown is poor, although there is school, there is electricity plus I have been to university😭💗😭