Sean Y. Li 李宇軒

Sean Y. Li 李宇軒 was born to a Taiwanese immigrant and a Chinese (Cantonese/Taishanese) immigrant in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he spent most of his early life except for a short time in Guangzhou, China. Growing up surrounded by different languages sparked his interest in language itself and eventually led him to obtain a degree in linguistics from the University of California, Davis. Sean has played active roles in Taiwanese, Taiwanese-American, and queer communities and has experience translating for research in public education, as well as Classical Chinese poetry.

Sean Y. Li 李宇軒,生於美國舊金山灣區。母親是來自台北的高雄人,父親是生長於廣州的台山人。從小接觸多重語言環境激發了他對語言的興趣,最終畢業於加利福尼亞大學戴維斯分校語言學系。他的翻譯包括公共教育的研究,以及古典漢詩。