Yang Shuang-zi 楊双子

Yang Shuang-zi 楊双子 was born in 1984 and is a novelist and researcher of popular literature. Her pen name “Shuang-zi” was derived from Japanese/Chinese characters, meaning “twin sisters.” Yang started to adopt this pen name after her twin sister passed away, to symbolically extend the twins’ creative collaboration. The sisters’ common literary and creative interests include gender, history, and queerness.

In 2003, Yang started to publish popular romance fiction and “doujinshi” under various pen names. In 2008, she started to write more serious literary works. Since 2016, her novels have been attentive to both social justice and popular culture.

To highlight Taiwanese nationality, Yang’s novels often portray characters who speak Taiwanese instead of Mandarin. An advocate for same-sex marriage, Yang was married as soon as same-sex marriage was legalized in Taiwan. She enjoys sharing details of her interactions with her wife on twitter: @undertonecat