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Queer Bodies, Queer Futures

Fifteen pieces on queer futurity

This list is part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Margins, which highlights portions of the magazine’s archive organized around a theme.

The essence of queerness is desire: desire for futures that hold us, futures that want us. What is queerness but futurity? A constant reach forward, a redefining of bounds, a call back to our ancestors, and a rebuilding of our histories. Through poetry, storytelling, and conversation, we shape cathedrals from desire, worlds from grief, universes from wild loving, spanning the quotidian to the hedonistic.

Read the full list below.

Pieces from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Straddling Convention: The Erotic in Asian American Poetry
    edited by Ocean Vuong with poems by Jee Leong Koh, Victoria Chang, Joseph O. Legaspi, David Mura, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Timothy Liu, and Cathy Linh Che (2013)

  2. Derma and Ichor
    by Paul Tran (2015)

  3. Until the Red Runs Out
    by Muriel Leung (2015)

  4. This Is Not a Poem About My Mother
    by Sreshtha Sen (2017)

  5. Writing the Families We Want: An Interview with Chen Chen
    by Yanyi (2017)

  6. narrowed lust
    by Inam Kang (2018)

  7. Search History
    by Eugene Lim (2018)

  8. Fruits of the Future
    by Ly Thuy Nguyen (2019) 

  9. Nasi Kang Kang
    by Marylyn Tan (2019)

  10. Shokushu Goukan for the Cyborg Soul
    by Franny Choi (2019)

  11. fable
    by Sheena Raza Faisal (2020)

  12. Violence of Exclusion, Bursts of Community: Queer Women’s Nightlife, Japanese American Incarceration, and Disappearing Spaces
    by Emily Hashimoto (2021)

  13. What Are You Looking At? Striking a Pose in Taiwan: The Past and Future of Queer Speculation
    by Ta-wei Chi 紀大偉, Hsin-Hui Lin 林新惠, and Ariel Chu (2021)

  14. Hasten Your Burials
    by Mariam Bazeed (2021) 

  15. erotic things
    by Rajiv Mohabir (2022)