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The End of a Love Affair (Honest and Truly!): An Excerpt from Blame This on the Boogie

A fitting end to my crazy stalker-ish experience with Dancing with the Stars

By Rina Ayuyang

Rina Ayuyang’s vibrant coming-of-age graphic debut Blame This on the Boogie is a musical, colorful memoir of Ayuyang’s disco-filled immigrant childhood in Detroit and her later adult life in the Bay Area, as a Dancing With the Stars-obsessed mom who still retains her love of song-and-dance movies. Read an excerpt from the memoir below.



To read, click on first panel to enlarge, then click through all six panels.

“The End of a Love Affair” excerpted from Blame This On the Boogie © 2018 Rina Ayuyang with permission of the publisher Drawn & Quarterly,