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Rina Ayuyang’s vibrant coming-of-age graphic debut Blame This on the Boogie is a musical, colorful memoir of Ayuyang’s disco-filled immigrant childhood in Detroit and her later adult life in the Bay Area, as a Dancing With the Stars-obsessed mom who still retains her love of song-and-dance movies. Read an excerpt from the memoir below.



To read, click on first panel to enlarge, then click through all six panels.

“The End of a Love Affair” excerpted from Blame This On the Boogie © 2018 Rina Ayuyang with permission of the publisher Drawn & Quarterly,

Rina Ayuyang Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Rina Ayuyang was always inspired by the Sunday newspaper funnies and slice-of-life tales. Her short stories have been nominated for the Ignatz and Eisner awards and she has been honored with a MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence silver medal. Her comics have appeared in Mutha Magazine and The Comics Journal. She is also the publisher of the micro comics imprint, Yam Books. Her first book was Whirlwind Wonderland. Ayuyang lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and son.

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