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Wanna Faja?

The newest fashion craze in Queens.

By Katherine Zhang

According to the New York Times, young Latinas and African Americans have discovered a shortcut to mimicking JLo’s famous nether regions—and it has nothing to do with squats. Rather, it’s about fajas (the Spanish word for wrap). These “organ-shifting” girdles, typically used by liposuction patients to diminish swelling, have experienced a comeback as everyday wear among Latinas, particularly in Queens. The Times reporter interviewed proprietors of two neo-girdle vendors—Y&K on Roosevelt Avenue and another Jackson Heights shop called Aishti—to get the scoop. Both confirm that the trend has taken off after a period of unpopularity during the feminist 70s. Now, Aishti carries “extra small” fajas for super-skinny girls. But don’t be fooled—fajas aren’t made of leather and lace. As the Times described, “Hidden under clothes the results may be sexy, but fajas are not. Most are the color of an Ace bandage and resemble body casts. Some are configured to squeeze certain areas and leave others to jiggle.” The Latina version of Spanx sells for $20 to $70 at most stores.