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Wednesday Clicks: Marguerite Duras, Godemichets, That (Psy and) Pistachios Ad

Link bait for hump day.

By Anne Ishii

That was some Super Bowl, wannit? Well thanks to too many weed pizelles, Monday Clicks are brought to you on Tuesday Wednesday this week. Thanks for staying tuned. Now for the strange developments around the web.

+ You can now see Ho Chi Minh City through the eyes of Marguerite Duras.

+ But speaking of ravishing vicariously… This ones for the ladies (yeah?), all the ladies… tell me you’ve never seen such a beautiful thing. Tenga’s Iroha (also responsible for the hugely popular and very Jasper Morrison-esque “portable orifice”) is bringing to you the most beautiful high-design minimalist godemichet you’ll have ever seen (click on that big ole “??” on the bottom left if you’re over 18). Coming February 3, 2013, they say.

+ And speaking of Vietnam, Jeff Stein reviews Kill Anything That Moves for BookForum. Kill Anything That Moves, written by Newsweek‘s Saigon bureau chief Kevin Buckley, dilates the lens on Vietnam War violence and under-reported (and apparently covered up) atrocities against humanity.

Dragonball and Dr. Slump creator Akira Toriyama won the Anniversary Festival Award at the Angoulême Comics Festival, making the Angoulême Comics Festival about as timely as that Pistachios ad for the Super Bowl featuring Psy doing Gangnam Style (what is this, 2012?).