Drawing In Color: Empowering Girls Through Comics Final Performace!
Chitra Ganesh

For several weeks now, under the guidance of artist Chitra Ganesh, nine fantastic young women from around New York City have been understanding, dissecting, and drawing comics. They’ve explored gender/ethnic stereotypes contained in mainstream cartoons, in the process experimenting with aesthetic choices and storytelling in comics, and have rendered their own unique empowered narratives in comic form. We would be delighted if you could join us in seeing them present their remarkable work and reflect upon on the issues with which they critically engaged. We will have a fantastic ‘zone of their work available at the launch as well!

Chitra Ganesh was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where she currently lives and works. Buried narratives and marginal figures typically excluded from official canons of history, literature, and art inspire her drawing, installation, text-based work, and collaborations.

By layering disparate materials and visual languages, Ganesh considers alternate narratives of sexuality and power in a world where untold stories keep rising to the surface. In this process the body becomes a site of transgression, both social and psychic, doubled, dismembered and continually exceeding its limits.

This youth program is funded by The Asian Women Giving Circle.

$5 suggested donation; open to the public

Drawing In Color: Empowering Girls Through Comics Final Performace!

Chitra Ganesh
Saturday, May 23, 2009
4:00 PM
Asian American Writers’ Workshop
16 West 32nd Street, 10th Floor
New York City
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