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Do you believe Asian American stories deserve to be told? Then please invest today in the Asian American Writers’ Workshop via a tax-deductible donation. We’ve nurtured several generations of Asian American writers, including Alexander Chee, Monique Truong, Cathy Park Hong, and Jhumpa Lahiri. Since 2010, we’ve committed to giving away more than $100,000 to emerging Asian American writers. Our online magazine The Margins has attracted more than half a million visitors. And we host events with almost 300 writers a year, including luminaries like Maxine Hong Kingston, Chang-rae Lee, Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, Roxane Gay, Claudia Rankine, and Junot Díaz.

When we held our first annual literary festival in 2009, a mother came up to us, tugging her fourteen-year-old daughter by the hand. “My daughter is a writer,” she said. They’d driven for hours so she could listen to Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri read from her work. And now she wanted to thank us. Her daughter found the day inspiring. While being a writer had always been her dream, now it seemed like one she could achieve. We’ve all been there. At some point in your life, you stood in the shoes of this young girl. You’ve been a lover of books, looking to discover who you were in the stories you read and the sentences you wrote. Maybe, like her mother, you too believe that the dreams of a young writer deserve to be realized.

At the Workshop, we’re the preeminent literary arts organization dedicated to excellent Asian American writing—but you could also say we’re in the business of fulfilling dreams—including those of Jhumpa Lahiri, who was herself once a young writer with a dream. “I think by the time I was in my early twenties, I wanted to write fiction but I was too afraid. I never really thought that my writing would go anywhere, but it had become important to me enough to keep it as a side pursuit,” she told the audience at our literary festival. “I felt that The Asian American Writers’ Workshop was a secret door that opened and cared about and supported my work as a writer. I remember the thrill of seeing my book on display at the Workshop and I remember also reading there very early on. It was such an important moment in my life as a writer to be there.”

Donate if you want to help us invent the future of Asian American intellectual culture. Donate if you want to help us build a racially just counterculture, bohemian in aesthetics and radical in politics. Donate if you want to read literature at the intersection of race, migration, and social justice. Donate if you believe that every American, no matter the color of their skin, should understand how Asian America forms a central chapter of the American story.


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