• In Search of Roots: An Excerpt from Paper Sons

    With only the moonlight, we could barely see what we’d tag. All around my tag were faded names, names we didn’t bother to read in the dark—our graffiti forebears. One day, we too would be unread.

    By Dickson Lam

  • July Bookmarks: 25 New Books by Asian Writers

    The overlooked poetry of the Tang era, Indian American exile fiction, a biography of the first Japanese American novelist, and new Asian American dystopias.

    By Ashley Somwaru, Ernest Tjia, and Wen Zhuang

  • narrowed lust

    i say i’ll be / dressless, skinless, curated / and pickled. i say i’ll give it / all up for a chance to be warm.

    By Inam Kang

  • Sugar on the Gash

    We are our skins; we are our hides. But my skin, and the skin of others like me, has been torn. It is at the site of this gash that our identity coheres, that our identity is espied.

    By Divya Victor

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