• Non-Invasive

    Instinctively, one / wants to be the native plant in its ancestral loam, / one wants a resistance to the sun, to shun full rainfall / for a flash of morning dew, or at very least, grow / some throwaway limbs.

    By Cameron Quan Louie

Transpacific Literary Project

  • Kaemon accho? Shob thik?

    Grandfather would have bought the Ilish—not wincing at the 1200 rupees per kilogram

    By Jonaki Ray

Transpacific Literary Project

  • ตลาดนัด | The Flea Markets

    รองเท้านักเรียนคู่นั้นยี่สิบบาทเองหรือ || These school uniform shoes are only twenty baht?

    By Duanwad Pimwana and Mui Poopoksakul

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