• Nasi Kang Kang

    the hot air rising from the cooker / has tightening effect on your lovehole

    By Marylyn Tan

  • Writing Home

    You can describe a place / without knowing it. / At recess in March I choked / because the air tasted like fertilizer. / What’s the difference / between breathing a place / and being suffocated by it?

    By Surabhi Balachander

Transpacific Literary Project

  • Trans:Act: A Folio of Marketplace Exchanges

    20 Thai Baht = 33 Philippine Pesos = 44 Indian Rupees = x bolt of fabric = y square vuông of rice = 15,000 Vietnamese đồng = 2,600 Cambodian Riel = 2.6 Malaysian Ringgit = 9,100 Indonesian Rupiah = unquantifiable sweat

    By Transpacific Literary Project

  • Sunflowers

    I pulled the comforters out after. / You had sweat the bed; the room bloomed with / your sweetness. I thought / you can know / somebody for a long while and not know / their scent.

    By Emily Luan

Transpacific Literary Project

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