• The Slipper Folio

    A collection of the six works of writing, translation, audio, and photography that nuzzle into different corners of this apparent insignificance

    By Maureen S.Y. Tai and The Transpacific Literary Project

  • 노팬티 — No Panties

    치마를 까뒤집던 꽃들이 / 태양의 먼 어깨 위로 투신한다 / 나무들이 입던 속옷을 벗어 깃발처럼 흔드는 정원에서

    By Lee Hyemi and So J. Lee

Transpacific Literary Project

  • Night People

    do you know somewhere inside their language, lies something mine?

    By JinJin Xu

  • Voices in the Archive: An Interview with Monique Truong

    “I don’t think that writers choose their subjects. I think they choose us. I think they step out of history books, off the sidewalk, or from a near future, and they say, ‘Hey, fool, you’ll be writing this one!'”

    By Benedict Nguyen

Transpacific Literary Project

  • 통풍 || Ventilation

    땀과 핏물과 진물이 뒤섞여 끈적한 그의 맨발이 젖어 번들거린다. || His bare feet, sticky with a mix of sweat and blood and ooze, glisten.

    By Wei Ye
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