Don’t you know my face? Didn’t you / break it open? Being beautiful, it’s no crime.

    By Christina Im

Transpacific Literary Project

  • Dialect Talks Back

    it was such a big no-no that I had this impression of dialects 方方言言 being like swear words, or haram

    By SueKi Yee, Ann Lee, and Anne Louis

  • Codeswitching Home

    This involves modulating my voice and accent so that I sound more Malay. It’s like having to work for my right to eat there.

    By Preeta Samarasan, Marion F. D’Cruz, Su-Feh Lee

  • The Vulnerability of Mistrust

    We are becoming hardened. I sense a hardness in the so-called liberal circles, artist circles, activist circles.

    By Ivy Josiah, Jahabar Sadiq, and Yee Heng Yeh

Transpacific Literary Project

  • Food, Fingers, and What (Not) To Touch

    having grown up using utensils she will never understand the comfort it brings: someone forming little mounds of rice that are pushed by the thumb into your mouth

    By Carmen Nge, Joseph Gonzales, and Natasha Krishnan
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