Whodunnit in Chinatown
Ed Lin & Cindy Cheung
Whodunnit in Chinatown

Join us for our first ever husband-and-wife reading to celebrate the release of One Red Bastard, the novel. Ed Lin‘s sequel to the highly acclaimed Snakes Can’t Run and the latest installment of the Robert Chow series about the travails of a Chinatown beat cop in 1976 New York City. Actress Cindy Cheung will accompany Lin in performing a dramatic rendition of Detective Chow’s latest mission, as he is swept into Chinatown’s darkest recesses to clear his loved one’s name in a murder case. As Taiwan and China compete in a diplomatic rumble for western recognition, word comes that the late Mao Zedong’s daughter is seeking asylum in America. Chow’s street-savvy investigation forces him between colorful agitators from the dueling regimes, such as Lincoln Chen, (aka “Mr. Revolution” and “Anti-Chinese Chinaman”) in this engrossing thriller. Lin is on the vanguard of an emerging genre of Asian American crime fiction–one that you’ll be eager to get a piece of, but as SJ Rozan wrote, “I’m claiming the discovery of Ed Lin and you’re all going to have to fight me for him.”

Cindy Cheung’s theater credits include The Sugarhouse at the Edge of the Wilderness (Ma-Yi), Middletown (The Vineyard), The Seagull and Antigone, (NAATCO), Goodbye Cruel World (Roundtable), Sides: The Fear Is Real… (Ma-Yi/Miyagi), Masha No Home (E.S.T.), W;t (Florida Studio Theater), The First Picture Show (A.C.T.), A Christmas Carol (South Coast Rep), Sweeney Todd and Into The Woods (East West Players). Film and TV credits include: Children of Invention (Sundance 2009), Lady In The Water, Robot Stories, “Bored To Death,” “White Collar,” “Fringe,” “Law and Order,” “L&O:SVU,” “L&O: Criminal Intent,” “One Life To Live,” and “Sex and the City”. She holds an MFA from A.C.T. and continues to develop her solo show SPEAK UP CONNIE, directed by BD Wong.

Ed Lin is the author of several books and is an all-around standup kinda guy. Waylaid and This Is a Bust were both published by Kaya Press in 2002 and 2007, respectively, and both were widely praised. Both also won the Members’ Choice Awards in the Asian American Literary Awards. His third book, Snakes Can’t Run, was published by Minotaur Books in April 2010; it was loved by many and also won an Asian American Literary Award. Lin, who is of Taiwanese and Chinese descent, is the first author to win three Asian American Literary Awards. His latest book, One Red Bastard, will be published by Minotaur in April 2012.

This event is co- sponsored by OCA.

Whodunnit in Chinatown

Ed Lin & Cindy Cheung
Saturday, May 12, 2012
6:00 PM
Asian American Writers’ Workshop
112 West 27th Street, Suite 600
New York New York 10001
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