Workshop: Experimental Fiction
Jade Sharma
Workshop: Experimental Fiction

Three Sessions, 3 hours each (6-9pm)
Fridays, August 11th, August 18th, August 25th

Fees & Payment Options:
$150 General / $100 AAWW Members (JOIN THE FAN CLUB!)
Full payment due before first class.


Why you should take this class: You’ve got something special in the works but you keep running into walls. There’s a hidden flavor that you can’t quite name? Trying to remember that movie you watched how many years ago? Break out of your comfort zone in this intermediate fiction workshop with seasoned Catapult Instructor and critically acclaimed writer, Jade Sharma.

Brief Description: Experimental Fiction: Breaking the rules. In the course we will write pieces that play with the normal conventions of plot, story, and character. You will be given short assignments to sharpen your skills, as well, as, each student will submit pages of either a short story of an excerpt of a novel. Writers like Beckett, Mary Gaitskill, Lorrie Moore, George Saunders, Donald Bartholomew, as well, as more obscure works will be read to explore how different writers break convention and when it works and when it doesn’t.


Note: For your first class be prepared with an introduction of your 5 favorite works, and why. Also,bring your writing to share but there is no cap or maximum.
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Jade Sharma is the author of Problems (Emily Books/Coffee House Press). Drawn to troubled characters, her novel was described by The New York Times as a rule-breaking debut with vulgarity that “is deeply and powerfully feminist. Most of Sharma’s best lines are too profane to print; Maya’s narration is crude, unsettling and often shamelessly sexy.” Jade is a writer living in New York with an MFA from the New School, she is living the unromantic unhip dream.

Catapult Testimonials:

“Jade Sharma will root out anything in your manuscript that is fake, disingenuous, weak, or just plain bad, and she frames her critiques with humor and honesty. Your work will be stronger for it, and you will be too.”
Ruth Curry (Co-founder of Emily Books)

“Jade Sharma has a brilliant analytical and critical mind, and is devastatingly effective at x-raying fiction to discern levels of clarity, originality and emotional honesty.”
Xan Price

“Being in class with Jade was always a pleasure. Her insights into other students’ work were deeply intellectual and offered interesting perspectives on storytelling. She personally made time to read my stories outside of class, as well, and we often exchanged work. I’m so glad to have gotten to study with her. She helped my work immeasurably.”
Sarah Gerard (Author of BINARY STAR)

Workshop: Experimental Fiction

Jade Sharma
Friday, August 11, 2017
6:00 PM
Asian American Writers’ Workshop
112 W 27th Street, #600
New York NY 10001
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