• Immigration in A

    ‘When I held him in my palm, I learned to love what made me. From time to time, I think about my father, his country, clean hands. I like to think of his hands as clean. I like to think I owe nothing to his body.’

    By Kristin Chang

  • March Bookmarks

    From Hari Alluri’s electrifying poetry to Patty Yumi Cottrell’s dark absurdism, March is a month filled with exciting new releases from Asian American writers.

    By Yasmin Majeed

  • Life in the Revolution: A Family History Under Marcos

    The newspapers were quick to christen the members of the underground movement with new names: subversives, communist insurgents, terrorists, guerrillas, rebels. Yet in my mind, they were simply family.

    By Susan F. Quimpo

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