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  • Over the Fields: Two Poems by Angela Peñaredondo

    ‘They love long hours of blackout. / They love this snuffed out match / of a little city. To the dust that separates // stained lace. To the poor / thrum of humidity.’

    By Angela Peñaredondo

  • Beaching: Two Poems by Jenna Le

    ‘The first boy that I dated weighted down his coif / with so much hair gel that the crest atop his pate / was hard as horses’ teeth’

    By Jenna Le

Reformations: Indonesian Literature in Translation

  • Rewriting History: Leila S. Chudori’s Home

    ‘Where was Mas Han? What was he running from? And why hadn’t he called or tried to get in contact with me? These were my questions, those of a wife, a woman, who had no idea how what had happened would affect the fate of the Indonesian people.’

    By Leila S. Chudori

Reformations: Indonesian Literature in Translation

  • Why I Wrote a Novel About Indonesian Political Exiles

    ‘For me, who grew up and became an adult during the New Order period, I was conscious of a historical and political absurdity. I began to feel that there were some Indonesians who had become invisible.’

    By Leila S. Chudori