• Introducing the 2018-2019 AAWW Margins Fellows

    These four writers will spend the next year writing fiction about Iraq beyond war, creative nonfiction on diasporic women’s silences around trauma, memoir about legacies of abuse and the Cultural Revolution, and poetry of displacement and loss.

    By AAWW

  • A Beautiful Child

    I should say kholo, my mother’s brother. / I should say umja, my father’s brother / so you know which branch of the tree to cut. Or / cherish.

    By Omar Sakr

  • Litany for the Long Moment

    If I can learn its grammar and alphabet / hold its vocabulary in my mouth / then perhaps I can know something of history—my history.

    By Mary-Kim Arnold

  • AAWW TV: Robot Coda

    Margaret Rhee, Ching-In Chen, Seo-Young Chu and Mimi Mondal explore the intersections of love, race, and technology in their writing.

    By AAWW

  • Sitting the Month

    These are all birth stories, but I will not tell you mine.

    By Kristin Chang
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