Ly Thuy Nguyen

Ly Thuy Nguyen is originally from Vietnam and is a queer academic, translator, and artist. She has an MA in Sociology from San Diego State University and is currently finishing her doctorate degree of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Her dissertation is entitled “The Geopolitics of Returning: Exchange education, Differential Diaspora, and Global Vietnamese Identities.” Her research ruminates on historical memory, traveling subjects, critical pedagogy, transnational feminist historiography, anticolonialism, and global queer futurity. Ly’s creative work focuses on identity, be-longing, and queer intimate woundedness. A short film that she helped write and produce, Hoài (Ongoing, Memory) (2018) has premiered at the LA Asian Film Fest, CAAM Fest, Boston Asian Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, among others. Her most recent English to Vietnamese translation work is You Will Always Be Someone From Somewhere Else by Dao Strom, published by Ajar Press (2018). You can find other fragmented drafts of her work in Vănguard zine, or her homepage Spatial Dysphoria.