Nadia Misir

Nadia Misir is 2015 Open City Fellow. She is a poet who would rather write a lyric essay than a poem. Born, raised and still living in South Ozone Park, Queens, she posts more on Instagram than she submits to literary journals. Nadia works as an activity specialist in an after-school program for kindergarten and first grade students at a public school on the Lower East Side. She received her BA in English from SUNY Oswego and an MA in American studies from Columbia University. She also holds an MFA in fiction writing from Queens College, CUNY. Her writing has been published in Poetry, Kweli, Papercuts, The Margins, No, Dear Mag, and QC Voices.  Her creative practice has been supported by fellowships and residencies from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Louis Armstrong House Museum, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, and Queens College, CUNY’s QCVoices. She has facilitated writing workshops in collaboration with South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance, Queens Memory, Reimagine, Five Boro Story Project and others. She is in transit more often than she is at home.  Her hobbies include eavesdropping on the Lefferts Boulevard-bound A train and doodling on the Q37 bus.