Ying Pheng

Ying Pheng is currently a MA student in the Department of Film and Media at Beijing Normal University. During the pandemic, he went back home (from Beijing, China), and began to make a series of short-videos called “About Cambodia” based in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The videos are posted on two social media platforms – Facebook (Mr. Captain), and Sino Weibo (Voice of the South China Sea). Those social media platforms are affiliated to the China Media Group (CMG). In 2020, during the Cultural Season celebrated by the Cambodian Living Arts, Ying Pheng was selected to write two Khmer articles: “My Village Traditions – a review of a performance by the artists from Kuoy community in Stung Treng” and “Verisimilitude in Theatre – an analysis of a play named Darkness in the Light.”