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AAWW Radio: Finding Your Writing Community

Jenny Zhang, Alice Sola Kim, Tony Tulathimutte, and Jarry Lee talk finding your writing community.

Marginalia, Radio
April 15, 2020

In this third episode of our podcast series diving back into our 2016 Publishing Conference held at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, we heard from Jenny Zhang, Alice Sola Kim, and Tony Tulathimutte on finding your writing community. The conversation is moderated by Jarry Lee.

Jenny Zhang is the author of Sour Heart, Dear Jenny We Are All Find, and the recently published My Baby First Birthday.

Alice Sola Kim was a 2016 Whiting award winner and has published in Tin House, The Village Voice, and McSweeney’s among others.

Tony Tulathimutte is the author of the novel Private Citizens, and runs a really great writing workshop called CRIT.

Jarry Lee is a model and actor, and former deputy editor at Buzzfeed.