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AAWW Radio: Breaking into Speculative Fiction

Jennifer Marie Brissett, Malka Older, and Tim O Connell

We’re traveling back in time again this week to bring you the second episode of our AAWW Radio series from our 2016 Publishing Conference, which was held at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. Jennifer Marie Brissett and Malka Older talk with Tim O’Connell about breaking into speculative fiction, where they get their inspiration from, and what it’s like being a writer of color who loves science fiction.

Jennifer Marie Brissett is the author of the novel Elysium, and the upcoming 2020 novel Destroyer of Light.

Malka Older is the author of the Centenal Cycle trilogy, which includes the novels Infomacracy, Null States, and State Tectonics. Last year, Malka Older published the serial story “Ninth Step Station.”

Tim O’Connell is a senior editor of science fiction at Knopf.