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AAWW Radio: What I Wish I Knew Before I Got My MFA

Naomi Jackson, Karim Dimechkie, and Kaitlyn Greenidge talk about their MFA years

Marginalia, Radio
April 1, 2020

We’re back on AAWW Radio, ready to beam you our audio events at this surreal moment. We know it’s not the same as joining us in our space, but we hope it’ll help you through this time of isolation.

In this episode of AAWW Radio, we’re traveling back in time to bring you a conversation from our 2016 Publishing Conference, held at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. In this episode, titled “What I Wish I Knew Before I Got My MFA”, Naomi Jackson, Karim Dimechkie, and Kaitlyn Greenidge speak about their MFA experiences in a conversation moderated by Brooklyn Rail Editor Joseph Salvatore, author of the short story collection To Assume a Pleasing Shape.

Basil Rodericks

Naomi Jackson is the author of The Star Side of Bird Hill and received her MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Karim Dimechkie is the author of Lifted by the Great Nothing and received his MFA at the Michener Center. Kaitlyn Greenidge received her MFA from Hunter College and is the author of the novel We Love You Charlie Freeman.

Keep in mind this audio is from 2016. We hope people on their MFA journey can find this helpful!