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Discards Triptych

Today, the sky greets me awake.

Poetry | Poetry Tuesday, poetry
January 16, 2024


On the last day of high school, the dean
of students handed us an envelope of
successes. Despite all I had worked for,
I held a thing of feathers. Shame eroded
the mortar as I ate its Bible. The fat air
between the manila seal drove me to do
unspeakable things. Every road thereafter
wore some detour. Sandbags and concrete
jammed mental, always new construction.
My city came up faster than I had promised
I could build something worthy. The sordid
seed dug rootlessly, praying to take place.


By now, I have birthed more disappointments
than to let a single one take me down. To be here,
I feel very lucky. Today, the sky greets me awake.
The bus rides unbumpy. Flowers without allergies.
Love in love’s hollow. I never imagined living
such a beautiful life. Sometimes I feel like I can hold
off the rain. Let’s pause on ambition. We’re taking
a very long dream. My friend, I’m sending an envelope
as we have for the last fifteen years. We braid
the strings that hold us together. I’m proud to touch
you still. Take my soup, feed our unpromised day.
In a world of sorrows, here we are, learning to stay.


The dry earth might take us first.
Swing vultures, swing fruit.
Imagine us, sealed to each
other as we digest the residue.
Water what we have watered
each day in this life. What will
be embedded in my blood?
Every contest and paper
decomposed before us.
In that final envelope,
still half a poem and
love in my hand.