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Outside the Margins: Weekly Link Roundup

Ferguson and readings on anti-black racism, Asian Americans, and complicity

By AAWW staff

Nearly two weeks ago, Michael Brown was murdered by a police office in Ferguson, MO. The terrifying response of the police to popular demonstrations against police violence remind us of the anti-black racism that is alive and well in the U.S., among Asian American communities, too. A short reading list below. We welcome additions (email us here).

Our options are invisibility, complicity, or resistance.” An important read on why Ferguson matters to Asian Americans.

“For blacks, the ‘war on terror’ hasn’t ‘come ‘home.’’ It’s always been here.

“Your rage should speak English and ask for permission before crossing the border to flee a dangerous situation. Is your rage over 18?” V.V. Ganeshananthan’s regulations for your rage.

“Anti-black racism is the fulcrum of white supremacy.” Scott Nakagawa writes about how non-black folks of color aren’t merely in the middle of some vertical hierarchy of racism.

Muslim communities in solidarity with Ferguson.

In 2013 UC Irvine’s oldest Asian American fraternity hosted a party that encouraged students to wear racist blackface. Students at UC Irvine are still pushing for the university’s African American Studies program be accredited as a department.

On Asian American blackface, Greek culture, and the hunger to be closer to whiteness.

“Any Asiatic can evade the whole issue of color in America by winding a few yards of linen around his head.” Turbans as racial markers in the Jim Crow South—going from “threat to guest”.

Race, power, and urban ethnography in West Philadelpahia. “…fieldwork itself reproduces modes of knowing straight out of plantation slavery.” PLUS, further reading.

Heems, formerly of Das Racist, talks to his parents about anti-black racism after the Michael Brown shooting.

“Cut through the noise.” A list of on-the-ground journos tweeting live from Ferguson.