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Outside the Margins: A Weekly Link Roundup

Body-shaming culture, Purdue’s new cultural center, representation in video games, and more.

By AAWW Staff

From comics to technology, Asian Americans play crucial roles in many industries, even if they are unseen and underrepresented at times. Aamer Rahman talks about comedy and race, while Rodney Fuentebella explores being an illustrator at Marvel. Roadblocks facing older immigrants, tackling unwelcoming environments and more in the Margins’ weekly roundup.


Australia Comedian Aamer Rahman, famous for his Reverse Racism video, chats with Vice on the role of comedy in discussion on race and politics. —Vice

Dong’s appearance in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may seem like a sight for sore eyes at first glance, but does his role do more harm than good? —Code Switch

Fil-Am artist Rodney Fuentebella shares how he’s living the dream as the Senior Visual Development Illustrator at Marvel Studio. —What’s A Geek

Over at The Bold Italic, Jennifer Chen explores the body-shaming culture that exists within Asian American communities. —The Bold Italic

Asian American women are often lost in the shuffle on discussion about diversity in tech. Why? —ThinkProgress

Asian Fortune investigates the challenges that face older Asian immigrants. —Asian Fortune

While the news is covering increased Asian American representation in TV, film and comics, they’re still a rare sight in video games. —Bloomberg

Congrats to Purdue University for getting an Asian American Cultural Center! —WBAA


This week’s roundup was compiled by Alex Wen, an engineer-turned-writer interning at the AAWW. He still wants to solve the world’s puzzles, just with a pen instead of a wrench.