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Kampala is named after k-impalas and
it was founded on six hills. Now it’s twenty-
seven. Its people spill like syrup over twisting ground,
orange as carrot cake. My friend uses words I know:
desert, rainfall, homeland. Speaks with
dead wet sea eyes of a house where her
grandfather found peace. In Connecticut, in 
Jerusalem, in the hills they call Himalayas—
we pinch food from fleshy earth and eat the lives
of others. Feed each other with warm hands
toasted like our distant people. Dough kneaded,
crusted, crumpled, canvas. We make molehills,
make mountains, carry them all.


Sagaree Jain is a poet, writer, educator, and artist from the Silicon Valley. They are the co-creator of the Turmeric Project, which spotlights queer South Asian art, and their work has been published or featured in The Aerogram, Autostraddle, The Offing, and The New York Times. Sagaree is fascinated by queer health, scientific racism, reproductive justice, decolonization, migration, on and on. They live in Oakland.

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